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My chance to wonder about hand made things and tell the world about those I make, love and cherish!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Some summer flowers

Preparation for a workshop has caused me to spend an hour painting and printing fabric.

It's a tough life.

Heavily influenced by Sarah Campbell


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Trying to have a productive day

Following on from my return to actually making something, I am not making a box to contain the umbrella.

In the way that happens with these things, it involves, cutting, drilling and sticking books back together.

Not the best of pictures but trying to avoid stopping to take proper photos which would cause me to avoid the work

This is avoiding work avoidance.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

New work

Finally the lethargy lifts.

I am involved in an exhibition with some friends at the beginning of June and to say I have been putting off the work is an understatement!

We have been planning it for a while and others are very busy producing work

I however, have procrastinated, avoided, moaned, had a frozen shoulder, had a rotor cuff injury, tidied, taught, spent time with my kids, family, friend redecorated rooms, anything other than actually sit down and produce something.

Last week I was discussing with students what prevents us from making and creating when it gives us such pleasure. Lack of a realistic dead line?

Ideas have come and wandered round my head, most weekends have me moaning that I need to work on it but I knew that it was still to far away.

I tried doing a little each day. Rather like a write should produce 200 words a day.

This particular piece got stuck in the ugly stage and was hidden away. Not to be touched or thought about


Finally this weekend I sat down to work on it. Less than a mont to go. That's usually when the dalines kick in for me.

At least I get going with a month to go.

It could really be all last minutes

Now I am almost back in love with the work. Trying to find odd moments to work on it.

Bang goes the housework......


What's it about?

Well I am currently embroidering an umbrella with "lost things" to hide in a box.

Hmmmmm. It's about what we look for when we make and enjoy art.

I'll explain more later.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


When life was so busy with small children I found solace in cooking, making it my creative activity for everyday. I allowed myself to cook when I wouldn't allow myself to indulge in making things.

I am just making a batch of cheese and veg pasties ready for a busy couple of days when I can push them into their hands as they dash in from one activity and out for the next.

Based on a HFW recipe where he states that being a swede purist he prefers no cheese in.

Well, being someone who just wants them to be eaten without a fuss the swede is hidden behind lots of cheese, maybe a leek and sometimes some bacon.......and always shop bought flaky pasty.

I enjoy cooking, but not that much.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New trainers

It was time for new trainers. Had the last ones for 2 maybe 3 years.

We were very close.

Too many people I have run with have now described me as a great clod hopping elephant while running.

I know, great friends.........

Then a bit actually fell off

I don't do sports shops so off to the internet and I found these. Specially designed to actually reduce my clod hopping and actually get me to put me foot down correctly.

Anyway, enough podiatry .

The box had these gem I had to sure with you.



They are a megaphone

For the roar of you run

A connect-with-the-ground

And hug every turn

Joy ride for the senses

These shoes are an ultra light

Anatomically fit tribute to

The freedom you feel on a run

Simply put, they are the woo

To your hoo.

these are more than just running shoes

They are pureproject by Brooks

Now put them on and run happy.


Now after all that I am tempted to say Nah, just running shoes but having just done 10k with a friend actually they were quite good.

She said, it was much quieter.....less clod hopping.



Catching up with Embroidery magazine

Had a ridiculously busy weekend and week which started with a residential with 7 and 8 year old girls.

Brilliant fun but exhausting then a week of starting 4 new groups off on course, sorting paperwork, record keeping and exam criteria

Friday came and I hid on the sofa writing lesson plans for next week and listening to Lauren Laverne on Women's hour


May have had a little snooze, not admitting that one but suddenly post and the arrival of Embroidery Magazine.

Perfect. Sat down, well remained on the sofa to wander through it.

Great article on Louise Gardiners. Met her once at Art In Action, wow, life lived at full speed.

Advertised on the back .

Would love to go this year. Can I squeeze it in at the end of term?

Then an article on Bath. Must pop over for the day

Then exhbition at Newark. Must get down to that and get to more down at Stroud

Then amazing wallpaper.

Then a small advert that makes me think I should stop sitting around reading magazines and actually produce some work.


Making sketchbooks

Spent a busy week with a 4 groups starting classes on creativity.

Everyone starting with making simple skecthbooks.

Lost of samples left from the class

I suppose I ought to practice what I preach and actually put some work into these.