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Friday, 10 July 2015

Making a medieval costume

I love this book. I was given it by an inspiring teacher when I was 15. One of those teachers that opens up the world for you, gives you a sense of what is possible rather than what is not.

It has always been my go to book for a quick guide to costumes of dress. I have a never read it, just always flicked through it and loved the illustrations. Copied it endlessly and love the character in the drawing.

This weekend is the town is taken over by a huge medieval festival. It's great to walk into the supermarket and see a knight in full armour downing a can of coke. This year there is to be a big parade of local children, groups and families. I have been involved helping a group making jesters costumes and a large group bringing papier mache food for the king.
My role in the parade is to help a group to carry a large papier mache dragon so I need medieval dress as well.
This headress looks a little less biblical
This mornings job was to make my own costume ready for the parade.
Maybe I should wear it for the school run this afternoon?
This is a pile of tabbards ready for others in the group.
I will not rest till everyone is dressed in old curtains!



Gina said...

Brilliant... You certainly look the part!

Cate said...

Gosh, is that velvet, it looks pretty luxurious, I wouldn't mind being in medieval dress like that! I hope you enjoy the festival and parade! x