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Friday, 2 November 2007

Tiara boom de ay!

Forgive the silly title.

Here is the tiara I have made for a friends party later today. She adores all things retro, vintage and chintz and is having a tea party for her birthday at which we all have to wear our best frocks and tiaras! I am so looking forward to it and its just a silly little get together. My life is not very exciting at the moment!

I have just finished my tiara which I have tried to photograph. I am quite please with it but not sure. I wanted some taller, dangly bits and a nice collection of glitz near my hair. I have gone for the "pile it all on" approach as its just for a bit of fun. The wire I have used is a bit stiff to work in my fingers but it holds a shape well. I really enjoyed connecting the beads with wire and have made a bracelet before using this technique.
The children are also invited to the party as it is after school and they get on well with her children. Dh is on duty to come and collect us after it is finished. She has the most amazing house full of interesting books and the sort of sewing room that I could just sit in. It has all her fabric, threads etc and a day bed to recline on and imagine wonderful things! I have told her that if I ever needed to run away from home then that's where I would go. It indulges in all the girly frivolity that i would love to have but fear those around me would criticise. I wonder about having my own room but we do not really have the space. I wonder how much I would use it aswell as I only really sew in the evening and then I enjoy working in quiet next to dh. Though he's often on the computer. Without wanting to sound too pretentious but I think its was Virginia Wolf who said " every woman should have a room of her own." I can really strongly realty to that at the moment when it feels like every waking moment and thought is occupied with little people. Silly really when to be honest the order of the house is much to my design.
Now I look at the photo it is rather wobbly and out of focus so I will try to get a better one later.

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