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Friday, 22 February 2008

A story box.

The picture is of a story box and above is the story to go with the story box.
I have been working on it as part of my course with Angie Hughes. I was originally going to do a handsticthed peice but was unhappy with the way it was going.
When my second son was born I had this wonderfully romantic idea that I should tell stories rather than read them and to tell the stories there could be aseries of artefacts. I hav decided to develope this idea making curio cabinets. It is a big move for me as it is very much a mixed media projcet and draws on my interset in making all sorts of things, ideas of treasure and museums and a love of stories. I am fascinated by the curious items that pople treasure and so in this museum is a candle stick, that lights the way, a key to the door with an embroidered ribbon, a pile of tiny mattresses embroidered with text and then in the mirrored room, a pea. In the hallway is a mirror and if you look carefully into it you will see the princess!
It is all quite small and I do not posess great skill at photography! so I hope you can get a sense of it from the picture.
Please also ignore the genral childrens mess in the background. This is how I live my life.

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monattka said...

Joanna, you must be a perfect mum - not only telling stories instead of reading them but also making such cabinets. I am impressed!