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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A treasure chest

We had a lovely weekend with the usual easter egg hunts and consuming of far to much chocolate. One friends child ate 3 creme eggs in the space of 2 hours ( after a full roast lunch and pudding!)
Didn't do much making but we did have a go at papier mache. The boys used a balloon each and it came out really well .I decided to use an old wooden cutlery tray. I have added extra dividers and covered it over with the mache. I have given it the first coat of paint but it still needs more. It is to be a treasure chest or display box for all those cool things kids find and want to keep but there is nowhere to put them. This way we can remember our walk for a bit longer without me moaning about having mouldy seed pods left on the kitchen table. The bits I have put in I found in the fruit bowl. Maybe this is why the apples have all gone bad!
The 2 boys have a great eye for picking up interesting bits and pieces such as seedpods, small fossils, old bits of pot etc. I want to encourage that wonder at small things but I would rather it was not all dumped somewhere for me to tidy up at a later date. Hence the cabinet.
I can't decide if it is to stay cool colours and go for that "stylish shabby chic beachy" type look or whether to go for the covering it in "old tickets, photos family memento" type of look.
What do you think?
The little plastic horse? I have no idea where he came from... I suspect this came from somebody elses house when a small child manged to hide it in tight little hands. I have asked friends and nobody has yet claimed him. I think he deserves a place on our shelves!


Helen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! The little shelving unit looks great, and what a lovely idea! It's always a struggle to find somewhere to put those little finds that children always seem to bring home. I think it looks great in the off white colour here.

French Knots said...

What a great way to recycle a cutlery tray, looks brilliant!

Monika L. said...

I would leave the box as it is, it looks lovely already! I can't even imagine how come an old cutlery tray is hidden in there...? i have never done papier mache.

Sarah said...

I love this box, I'd stick with the white shabby chic look too. Papier mache is something I keep meaning to try too - have you seen Julie Arkell's work - she makes papier mache doll's and boxes similar to this.