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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Adventures in mixed media part 2

This post is work avoidance.

I am taking part in an exhibition in September as part of the course I am doing with Angie Hughes. I have decided to make some story boxes, one of which I showed before " The princess and the pea" I have made a box for Sleeping Beauty but I am not very happy with it. That's why you haven't seen it here. I think part of the problem is that my working style is very precise. I make things by hand and the slow process means that I can get caught up in very careful embroidery.
I want to loosen it all up a bit. I decided to have a month off the story boxes and try some mixed media that had no intention other than to play with a variety of materials.
I started with 25 small squares of various fabrics/colours. I then painted/foiled/stamped etc with a favourite stamp on some of the squares. I have now added stitch, beads, more foil and threads to add to these squares. They are going to be applied to a background. Around the edge will be some quilting but I am not sure yet.
This had just been an exercise to try to loosen up my style. I enjoyed it for a couple of weeks but I am now finding it hard. I thinks its at that stage where I am running out of initial ideas and its not quite close enough to be finished and know if it is going to work.

So now that I have written about it here I can go and work on it.

Right after checking my email/other peoples blogs.

Then I will go and do it

But first think about being tagged with a meme by Sarah at Tillymoss. Thanks Sarah

Then maybe pick it up

Or I could do those dolls someone has ordered

Then I will definately do it.

Or there is that episode of Desparate Housewives that I need to catch up on.

And there is always the way, anything but do the ironing!


Helen said...

Wow - these are absolutely beautiful! Such intricate work!

fiona d said...

I love these little squares - and they look fantastic all together.

Ironing - what's that??

Marnie said...

I'm blown away by this - how gorgeous! and thanks for dropping by my little space and the well wishes when we weren't - i couldn't find your email address, so i'm cheating. But what a pleasurable way to cheat :-) Yay! another wonderful blog to read!