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Thursday, 22 May 2008

WIP.and lots of hard work!

This is the WIP for the exhibition which is the culmination of my days working with Angie Hughes. This isn't all I am going to produce but its the part of the body of work.
A bit of a rushed photo.
It is a story box to represent the story of Eloise and Abelard. Its a story that has fascinated me for a while and after playing around with fairy stories I decided I would rather portray a true story. Its all rather a fanciful interpretation of artefact's that the couple but particularly Eloise would have had.
This is a tower with a rather virginal dress hanging inside. In the roof /attic is a globe made from wire to suggest her intelligence but also give the idea of a bird cage. I am pleased with it so far but I am finding it all such hard work. I can bash out bags/dolls/ladybird purses .. no problem but as soon as I come to try to turn it from craft into art and express something with it, I find it soooo hard! I find lots of things to do to avoid actually sitting down and making something. When it is made I find it difficult to "like" the piece. Its really hard to express how hard it feels.
It is a while since I have produced a piece for an exhibition and I had forgotten how mentally challenging it can be.
3 babies and my brain has turned to jelly.

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Monika L. said...

Joanna, I think I know what you mean, it is not easy to create while being interupted so often by all the duties...I would say - just do/make what makes you happy!