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Friday, 13 June 2008

Fathers Day

I have a wonderful father who has tried his best to be the best father he could. He has been a quiet man in a family of strong women. However every year I suffer from the problem of how to show my appreciation of the balance he has bought to my life. This year I decided on making him a coaster.a nice understated little gift that i hope he will use each day and think of me. I didn't use a a pattern but there is one in Bend The Rules and I saw some that somebody did for Mothers day and loved the idea. Now Dad can have a drink on me!
Busy weekend here with a 4th birthday party happening aswell as Fathers day meal. A friend has lent me the latest Amy Butler book so this post is short as I don't have much time to read it!
Have a good weekend.

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Lina said...

Very sweet Joanne. I'm sure he'll love it, I think men often get overlooked on the handmade front.