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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Merci pour votre "hug"!

I am very touched by your messages of support and they have made me feel much better. I had forgotten that it is supposed to be fun!
As a way of saying thank you here are some pictures from the Christmas issue of Marie Clare Idees! These look like fun little bunnies to play around with.Its a tiny picture but I like the idea of creating a patchwork of applied details, like sequins etc. One for What if... I thinkI like using quilters pins but had never thought of making mine own with Fimo! I want to make some of these biscuits for the kids when they get in from school!I love this silvery grey which I am surprised at, normally it needs lots of colour.

This give me the urge to go around cutting the cuffs on every bodies jumper! Do you think they will notice?!

Thanks again.


Pixiedust said...

Hi, Thanks for popping by my blog. Looking forward to seeing what you make from MAKE.

I love your needle pin cushion bag, what a great idea. xxx

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marie Claire Idees brilliant, if only my french was up to reading all the instructions!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the idea of using Fimo on the pin heads. Genius!