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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Prints charming...

Oh ok, no more puns..
I went to a fantastic print workshop last week with an artist called Sue Brown. It was organised by the museum in Cheltenham. Its a good museum for the Arts and Crafts movement although it has recently been re done and I have not been in to see it all finished yet. The workshop was only £5 and timed at 5-7:30pm it meant that I would be out of the house for tea and bath, to be honest there are quite often days where I would happily spend more than £5 to be out of the house at that time
It was a workshop on Collograph which means to make a collage and take a print from it. I had never done any printing before but really enjoyed it. It took 3 days to get my nails clean again but that's just because I am quite a messy person! I took my little sketchbook with me so that I didn't have to think of a composition on the spot and could concentrate on the technique. Just in case you can't work it out it is supposed to be the sea! It wasn't until we came to print them that she announced that we only had black or red to work with! I quickly put a few starts on my collage and called it "Starlit Sea"!
In the end I think my favourite is the stronger red sea.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Neat prints. Did you use some sort of board to make the printing plates?

bex said...

they look great jo!!! im going to keep an eye out for me if they are in love to go to one of the workshops!!
well done