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Friday, 3 April 2009

The 5 of us.

The washing basket
A stack of small plates in the cupboard

Knives and forks in the cutlery drawer.

Just to show that my life had not been completely taken over by Lily of the Valley I thought I would show you these pictures. They are more in the series based on the title " The 5 of us" I saw this title on something else and really liked it. It summed up my family.

It was not a straight forward matter to get to 3 children so I celebrate almost daily that we made it. I have already mentioned this project in an earlier post but I took photos of the things we seem to have lots of. Printed them out in black and white , drew on them and then traced off a simplified picture. This I photocopied the picture onto fabric. I appliqued some colours and embroider the other details.

I have really enjoyed doing this project. I want to enter a competition at Ledbury Artplace for Tag books.I have stated to make these into tags but they do look a little odd but as I made them into tags I was stuck by how they were shaped like little houses. I might not make a tag book but more like a little row of houses. Not sure yet.

Thanks again for keeping me company through the Lily of the Valley. Its now been delivered, recieved and greatly appreciated. It was filled with 50 memories from family and friends


Tara said...

Ohhhh, these are beautiful! Love love love them.

bex said...

these look great jo, i love the little pile of dishes! glad to hear that the lilly of the valley was well recieved

bex said...

hi jo! about the cards....yeah i cut the pictures out and glued them to the cards...

Snippety Gibbet said...

I really like these. Very clever and interesting. jan

Mr Lee said...

Hope your all doing well!

Anonymous said...

these embroideries are brilliant. How did you photo copy onto fabric? Sounds like a fun way of using a photocopier.