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Friday, 5 June 2009


Its strange how things start to come together isn't it. I like flowers, always have done. My mum loves flowers and both my parents are good gardeners so I have grown up surrounded by flowers, real, painted or embroidered. This means I like flowers, especially the colours in flowers but its rare for them to inspire me. A lot of blogs have picture of beautiful flowers and I didn't really want this entry to be more picture of flowers but I wanted to show you these. I have recently started to try to have more flowers in the house. I have never had many flowers in the house as I don't like seeing them die in front of me. It just feels a bit odd to have a dying thing as part of the decor. I have never been keen on mass produced supermarket flowers as I have concerns about the "greenness" of them. They often seem expensive. I am sure it is possible to buy British grown flowers but I just don't think to look for them.
Last year at the Amy Butler talk I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of little vases with flowers picked from her garden. She talk about just picking a spring and putting them in a little vase to enjoy and look at. I've been trying to do this and its made me look much more at the composition of a sprig. I admire Vanessa's work and also have a Richard Spare print in the living room. I like the simplicity of their work. The other day Pam posted about picking a bucket full of flowers and her blog made me think, as it always does, about picking more from the garden. I like the simple way she displays flowers that even I can mange. I do not have a big garden and my gardening technique involves buying lots of plants form the market, putting them all in and hoping for the best. They will either live or they wont! So the upshot of all this is that today I picked some flowers, not a bucket but a jug. I love putting flowers in this blue jug. Its not too big and seems to suit lots of things esp daffodils.

I saw a button on a blog the other day the said " Show us your jugs" which is the sort of things to make me snigger, so I am showing you one of mine.

The other pots are some flowers picked by my 2 year old while walking the dog and the on the walk home form school my 4year old picked big daisies.


Helen said...

I agree - there's something very lovely about popping a sprig of something from the garden in a vase. I'm just waiting for my hydrangea to flower so I can lop off a bloom or two. The simplest arrangements are so much prettier than supermarket fare.

bex said...

pretty flowers!! ive got soem corn flowers in a jam jar on my sewing table! the window box fell off and smashed so i rescued them

fiona d said...

your flower jug is lovely, the only flowers in my garden at the moment are chives and buttercups, but you've inspired me to go and pick a few for the house. I know what you mean about watching them die, but on the other hand, I think a small scatter of fallen petals around the jug has a kind of grace, at least when they're fresh - my trouble is then I stop noticing and leave them to wither and get dusty!

Anonymous said...

what lovely flowers, we don't have any flowers growing in our courtyard, although I do hope to change that. Nothing nicer than picking a few blooms and having roses that smell gorgeous too.

Tara said...

Nothing nicer than an impromptu handful gathered from the garden - I'd pick those (no pun intended) over a formal arrangement any day!