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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2 new finds

The week continued in much the same vein with the highlight yesterday being a trip to the dentist. Highlight? .... no I do not enjoy trips to the dentist but by a strange quirk of chance my dh has not been well, I know still doesn't sound like a high light but read on. He decided to work at home to take it easy, then we had a power cut and so he couldn't work so then he offered to look after the 2 year old while I went to the dentist. This is starting to sound better now isn't it.. so I get to go to the dentist on my own but as the dentists is in another town I always try to extend my visit and combine it with its many charity shops... is this making any sense? so essentially I got a trip to the dentist but also a lovely wander round the charity shops for an hour.

There is a lovely animal charity shop just next door to the dentist which is never very good for clothes but is always good for interesting things and its quite normal for me to come out with another little knick knack. It was there that I found these 2 young ladies.

They are both made of wood and this one is russian, with a label on the bottom. Her head comes off and she is a box/pot. It has some traces of paint on the back where I think someone has tried to paint her. She is not very old, 1998 is on the label but I have a small collection of russian things so she fits in nicely.

This one seems to be japanese but I have never seen anything quite like it. If you look at the top photo you might be able to see 2 rings around the narrowest part. These move and rattle so I wondered if it was a skittle so to rattle when you know it over. I suppose she might be chinese/korean but the writing on the bottom looks Japanese (based on absolutely no knowledge at all!)

If anyone can tell me anything about this one I would quite happily send you a little something to say thank you.

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bex said...

i dont know anything about them, but they look really nice, i popped out to a close cahrity shop on my break today (i just had to get away from the potter maddness) and came out with three pretty cups crying out to be pin cushions for £1!!