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Monday, 3 August 2009


While I was at Art in Action I bought these hands. The larger one is tin and painted,the smaller ones and tiny. I think they are the sort of thing people use to ask for help from god. I have a bit of a thing about hands and I can see this becoming a piece of work about the miraculous pieces of engineering that are hands. My grandad was badly burnt during WW2 . Prior to the war he had been a cabinet maker but the state of his hand meant that it would be impossible. He was taught to embroider as part of his rehabilitation. He made all his grand children a tablecloth . I treasure mine. As children hands give us security. People talk about being able to read hands and they do give signs of marriage and the type of work someone has done.

Hmmm food for thought.

This a poor photo of a set of hand imprints we did after we had our 3 children. the reflection makes it hard to take a photo, but you get the idea. It is 5 hand pints all lined up in size order. When we had 2 children the dogs paw print was on the end.
When the 3rd child came along he got shunted off to make space. It was going to cost a lot to have the frame redone!


Sal said...

How fascinating! I do love the coloured hand.
I would love to see your grandad's embroidery!

bex said...

that is such a nice thing to have from your grandad.