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Friday, 18 September 2009


Wednesday was was one of those days when the world changed. I stood in the playground and watched the other mums and could see that it all went on as normal but it all changed for me.
My youngest started pre-school. For the last 9 years I have mostly been at home with my children and now...... its all changed. I dropped off at school and went home to an empty house,well almost, so the dog is not much of a conversationalist

Right then.

What do I do first?

there is a very long list!

It just seemed right to make this picture and then it all felt much better.


jackie said...

Thank you for that link. Also good luck in finding your new path.

Catherine said...

I think my words on dropping the youngest at preschool were along the lines of "Woo-hoooooooooooooo!" I found I had less time than I thought I would have though - so it's still a rush to get anything made! This week it's my eldest who's been messing with my makey mojo - second week at big girl's school, teacher's having to peel her off me, poor's full of these big steps, eh!

Anonymous said...

I remember when my daughter started school at 4, the first few days felt so long. But I am sure you will enjoy the time and experiment.

French Knots said...

...and that led me to have another!
Enjoy this new stage of your life.

bex said...

that looks great...are you going to make anymore? its just we have a some pictures going up the stairs in the shop and i think stuff like what you've just made would look yummy there too. you should pop in and see it...the shop is looking a million times better than when you first visited!

julia said...

I know exactly how you feel, but believe me you'll get used to it very quickly! I hated it when my youngest started school, now I enjoy a bit of peace and quiet when the house is empty.
Love the picture!
Julia x

Monica said...

yup, me too.

After 8 years I'm home alone too. I find it quite destabilizing though.

I feel a bit like I've lost my purpose...

silly I know.