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Monday, 5 October 2009

New books

I don't often buy new books for myself. If I see something in a charity shop then I might get it but mostly new books come for birthday and Christmas. I decided that I would spend some of my hard earned cash on some new books to inspire.Whitework by Tracey Franklin. To experiment more with the stitches that I use on my pieces.How to be an explorer of the world. by Keri Smith. I enjoy her blog and have another of her bocks. A good reminder of being amazed at the details of the world. I love the idea that manhole covers are a portal another world. Which I suppose they are really!
The Joseph Cornell Box this is a book and a box to collect tings in. It has some good pictures and ideas in and its a cool box.
What more could you need?!


Anonymous said...

What interesting books. I rely on our library for lots of inspirational books, but have a large wish list on Amazon for birthdays and Christmas.

Monica said...

those books look really interesting...I'm going to check them out right now!

Thank you.