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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

This is all getting a bit erratic!

As someone pointed out to me recently I have done hardly any posts! so now a big dose of bloggers guilt that there is at least one person out there who notices!

Anyway, a busy weekend looking at this view

We had always known that my great grandmother was Italian and last year we found out whereabouts so this weekend was of on an adventure to find the place, cheap flight to Milan and a hire car got us to the tiny village. It was so beautiful. The village/hamlet has a few derelict house that we could poke into and see what she would have seen. That was quite special. quite exhausted from all that and back to entering a piece of work for an exhibition in Birmingham, a chance to take part in a another local exhibition and an online magazine might be interested in some designs of mine. Along with the usual
Then today a phone call from Italy from a possible relative. Only problem being that although we are proud of our Italian heritage we do not speak 5 words of Italian between us!
a similar problem to then one where I get the news letter from Marie Clare ideeas and can barely read it. Does anyone know how I can translate the pages?


spicyapplepie said...

google has a translation tool that will translate web pages, and in Word you can use a translation tool and it will translate the whole document for you. Click on a word and then hold the shift button and then press F7 to get the thesaurus, use the drop down feature to translate the document.

Hope that helps!

Shabby Chick said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Sorry I can't help with the translation, Italian is one of the languages I have no idea about.

Mel xxx