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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Onward and upward....

Thank you for all you kind comments last week. I really appreciated people taking time to leave such kind words. Of course we miss him but life continues.......

.....and on a completely random point, I found this hairy acorn. Never seen one of those before. For some reason it reminds me of tartan trousers. Bizarre.

Ok so not quite the nature observation of here but still quite QI.

However that does not tell you what I have been doing with my week. I belong to a small art group and we have decided to have an altered book round robin. Its the first moth and I chose a book about collecting.. Inside it I made a small collection.

I have done a couple of swaps recently to swap journal pages and papers. Its hard to see but the piece under the writing is a beautifully subtle piece of paper with obscured text and part of a butterfly and came from the Tara.


Catherine said...

That's bonkers, that hairy acorn! What a lovely pic to put in your blog. Love it - looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt, looks intriguing
x x x

Tara said...

Wow, I love that altered book! And that you used one of my pages! I really must sit down and do some art with yours, although I have to admit I almost don't want to touch them in case I ruin them! (I know, I know.)