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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


ok trying to contain my excitement but its HERE.....
what's that you say?
what has arrived?
well only the best book of the year, well apart from this one! ( well done Ginny)
( which suddenly makes it all rather Bridget Jones)
But the book I have been waiting for, for a year.
Quick lets turn to page 254... isn't that just the best number?
and lets see whats on that page......
ah yes, now that looks interesting,
a pattern for a kite....
and let me see whose pattern it is...
oh yes that would be my kite pattern.
Did I tell you I was excited?

Ok, ok so its only one pattern but its my pattern and its in a book!

You can order your here.
Besides the amazing kite pattern, its actually quite good!


ginny said...

well done you too ... a kite pattern sounds fab... i am off to investigate your book now.
wishing you a lovely week,
warmest wishes
ginny x

Amanda said...

Oh you clever girl! Congrats! That's one to go on my Amazon wishlist isn't it? Thankyou so much for recommending Eternal Maker to me. I've just been over there in Felt Heaven.What wonderful colours.
Much love,
Amanda xxx

Lina said...

Congratulations - how exciting!! Yay!

Tara said...

Joanna that's amazing! Well done! So exciting. :)

stuffednonsense said...

wow! thats great, well done

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I must go over to Amazon now..

Catherine said...

Ooh that looks lovely - sorry for being a dunce, but is the premise things made from 1 yard of fabric? Coz I'm liking that! Oh blimey I'll have to add it to my growing list of book desire!
You need to get it reviewed in Sew Hip magazine.
x x x

spicyapplepie said...

Congratulations! It looks like a fab book, just looking it up on amazon now!

angharad handmade said...

How exciting - well done! The book looks like a must-buy.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. jan

Chrissie said...

Well done you! You must be so proud.
Thanks so much for the comments you have left me - I really value them.

Catherine said...

I only went and ordred it didn't I.
Blasted Amazon Buy Now 1-Click mechanism - it's my worst addiction...!
x x x