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Friday, 18 December 2009

Belinda Downes

Found this in a charity shop
I love the work of Belinda Downes, her work just sings. Ropey photo as its all dark and dingy here but one look through the book lightens the heart.
I already have The Starlight Princess
Its one of those books I bough for the children but always ends up on my bookshelf. I saw her work at an exhibition in cheltenham a few years ago and its just glorious and feed every desire to sit a fiddle with bits of thread, cloth and beads. Her website is here. More of her work here

I think this is my favourite, I really like the layout rather like a religious picture. I might try something a bit like this with the 12 days of christmas over the break.
I did say before I had a fancy to do some more pictorial stuff!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful book, lots of inspiration.

Catherine said...

I like the art naif look of it - something very attracting about that sort of image!
Thanks for the WIP tip - I am being very dim at the moment! I even use that very phrase in business speak when talking about my website...! Doh!
x x x

French Knots said...

Her work is amazing isn't it? I have a couple of her books and find them very inspiring.