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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

More blatant self publicity

I have finished my Christmas quilt, I gave you a quick sneaky peak here. I am hugely pleased with it, mainly as I have managed not to cut any corners but actually do it how it is supposed to be done.
The designs for the embroidered panels are available here Its the first issue of the magazine produced by the Hand Embroidery Network led but Sarah Whittle.
You can get a copy of the designs here. I would love to hear from anyone who has a go at it.
I hadn't quite meant to have this post straight after the post about the book!


jackie said...

Well done all round, it looks as if you are having a happy ending to 2009. Did you receive the papers I sent?

Anonymous said...

Wow, finished and looking fabulous! I am half way with my quilt top, so fingers crossed I will be finished before Christmas.