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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I had to go down to Bristol the other day but had some spare time there so went up to see Penny Leaver Greens exhibition on Button phobia. Its always good to see the real work having followed the details on her blog. i imagine she is the sort of person who has a beautiful home with time and space for lots of tings. her work is thoughtful and carefully done and loved the ways she had responded to button phobia. it looked like she had sold a good number of pieces which is good to see. As ever I forgot to take the camera so no photos. Go to her blog she takes better ones anyway.

The photo?

well the exhibition is in Harvey Nichols in the centre of Bristol.

Very very posh.

We walked in and nobody even made eye contact let alone tied to bathe us in scent.

I guess they had us pegged right!

Its one of those shops where I couldn't even pretend I fitted in. However that isn't the sort of ting to stop me doing anything and after we had looked at the exhibition we wandered into the foodie bit.

We decided to treat the kids and decided on "Fluff" an American spread designed to get as much sugar into a childs system as quickly as possible.

After tea it was decided that it tasted best spread between 2 chocolate "moo-cow" biscuits!

oh yes and that it was the same colour as my hyacinths.


bex said...

just thought i'd pop in and say that the imogen harvey lewis exhibit goes on the 22nd. it was absolutly wonderful, soo glad i got to see it. she sells some sock creations in MADE to. im chuffed cos i got a personal email from her after i sent her a gushing one about the exhibition!

jackie said...

Don't you just hate those sort of shops - your hyacinths are beautiful. I can almost smell them from here.

spicyapplepie said...

LOL, sounds like fun

Amy said...

Ooooh I love the regular white fluff, I didn't know pink existed! I feel the same way in posh shops; the best treatment I get is in the knitting section of Liberty - nice people & beautiful yarns - pure heaven!

Lina said...

Oh Fluff! I have only just discovered this recently at a party when a friend made a yummy fruit dip. Basically a jar of fluff mixed with a tup of cream cheese, it was a delicious in a kind of "retro 70s reminds me of my childhood" kind of way!

Anonymous said...

Fluff, sounds fabulous. I'm not Harvey Nics biggest fan either, although I've never been in the Bristol branch. Are you coming to see the V & A quilt exhibition?

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

as i was leaving Bristol the other day {ikea/cribbs trip} i remembered that exhibition but couldn't rememder where it was - i was so p'd off i was desperate to see it after avidl following her flickr stream :0(

wow i need me some of that sugar rush fluff!

thanks for visiting my blog :0)