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Saturday, 20 March 2010

An exhibition I hope you wont see.

I have just dropped off 3 pieces of work for an exhibition. i am just hoping that you don't get to see it.
The exhibition that is.

I have made 2 new pieces for it. Both quite large as they are exhibited in a busy place.
No sooner than they met but they looked
No sooner looked but they loved
No sooner loved but they sighed
No sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason
no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy
And in these degrees they have made the steps to a marriage

there is no one in this world
breathing life giving air
whom I desire to love
more than you
I am really pleased with this one but I do hope you don't see them in the exhibition.
I have also sent in this on but you know about that one already

The reason I don't want you to see them?
They are to be exhibited in the Link Corridor in Cheltenham General Hospital.
Its not that its not a good hospital, I wouldn't know really apart from a couple of children's hearing tests but I just hope that you have no reason to be in the hospital.
So if you do get to see them then I hope it distracts for a few minutes and gives you a little space
As with all my pieces I look for words and quote them. Sometimes it requires some basic editing.
I read this one to j
There is no one in this world breathing life giving air whom I desire to love more than you.
He smiled at me and agreed that it was a good one . I told him that I hadn't finished so I continued the quote.
May this farewell, my beloved, sweetly penetrate your inner marrow

No , he said, best to avoid all references to inner marrow if you want it to work.

I agree.


stuffednonsense said...

they all look lovely, well done...and without being morbid lots of people go to lots of people will see your stitches!

two hippos said...

What fabulous pieces and a wonderful place to be shown too. When I last spent time in hospital I had to start walking after a few days and the art was a wonderful distraction.

Chrissie said...

goodness I wish I'd had such beauty to help me through all my ops and rehab! good advice about the 'inner marrow' though .....

Catherine said...

Yes, I think ones inner marrow is best kept to oneself too - inner squashes and cucumbers too I reckon!
x x x

red2white said...

I like these pieces VERY MUCH! I would love to see them in person (but I better don't ask for trouble :)

Boyknitter said...

I love that something so beautiful and so moving will be on display! A welcome distraction for many, I'm sure. Congratulations to you and well done for such fab work! x

angharad handmade said...

Beautiful work! I'm sure they will be admired by so many people.

UK lass in US said...

It's been a long time since I visited Cheltenham General, but I can only imagine that your lovely work has added an element of beauty that has cheered up many a visitor. I agree - skip the marrow references...