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Friday, 14 May 2010


I am off to the V and A tomorrow to see the quilt exhibition... yippppeeee.. trying to contain my excitement!

When J has the kids for the day I try to help out by getting some of the food ready. He is absolutely capable of looking after 3 kids and providing a meal but I like to help out.
This meant that today the 3 year old and I have been making a lasagne. Well, we call it a lasagne but I suspect it has very little in common with a proper lasagne. Its one of those sort of family recipes that has evolved over time but its something I know everyone will eat without a fuss and I can hide veggies in the meat sauce.

When I make lasagne I always make the pasta sheets myself.

No I am not some sort of super yummy mummy but I enjoy making meals from scratch in the same way I enjoy making things. I do not proclaim to be a good gourmet cook but I can do homely meals and have a particular speciality of things that get cooked all in one pot!

Anyway so the 3 year old and I were rolling out the pasta when I looked at the pasta rolling machine thingy and saw it as such a part of our family.

J and I bought it on one of those Saturday afternoons when you are newly setting up home. It was greatly reduced and bought from one of those fancy cook shops with gadgets to do anything. You know the sort of thing you vow to use and then it lingers in the back of the cupboard. We bought it in those days pre children when we would choose what to eat, shop together and then prepare it together. Like a lot of people i think... (now with children its all a lot less considered!)

As the children have grown, each has helped me to roll the pasta, in fact we almost have to have a rota over who helps me otherwise it can be an argument. They turn the handle and I feed the dough through. As soon as the machine comes out the cupboard there is a rush of volunteers to come and help. Mostly because at the end I give that child the left over dough and they get to play with the machine.

Today I saw that shiney machine as something quite important to our family, I only make lasagne when I have time and its nice to be able to combine that time with a child and putting together the tea. Making lasagne forces me to slow down. It suddenly seemed such a significant thing.

Anyway lasgane is made and 3 year old is currently rolling and playing with the dough and did I tell you I am off to the V and A tomorrow.?.. there's a quilt exhibition on... did I mention it?


Amanda said...

Oh Joanna, I'm green with envy! I hope you have a really wonderful Time. Love the lasagne maker. You make it sound easy but I've always shied away from having a go, thinking it would be hard. You've inspired me to give it a try. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

I am majorly impressed,making your own pasta! Pasta is somthing Miss T and J make when they have a day together, I'm more cakes and bread!

Chrissie said...

you'll have a wonderful time at the V&A and there's lots to buy in the shop too!