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Monday, 26 July 2010

A find Twinkelberry shines again...

Well a new charity shop opens up and you do have to start to wonder how many a town can support? that's far too deep for me to go through but you do have to wonder as we have a profusion of them.
We must just be a very giving town................or have a lot of junk around!
The latest is this cushion, which again was looked at, walked away from, considered, then put back, walked out of the shop and then back in to buy it.
Oh what it is to have a decisive mind!
Its a black cotton cushion with blue and yellow/gold cross stitch on it.
When I got it home there was a little label inside that said
Egypt Craft Centre
Traditional Bedouin Cross Stitch Embroidery.
also a website here. Its a Fair Trade organisation that buys and sells Egyptian crafts.
and suddenly I love my little cushion and feel bad for differing.
Its travel somehow all the way from Egypt.
Now I know this was not buy camel traded along the route from Bedouin tent to tent but by aeroplane as a souvenir of someones trip and probably given as a gift
It gives me a connection with someone who embroiders somewheres else.
That gives me such a buzz.
I don't know their name, never will but I can feel the cloth that they worked in their hands and enjoy it.
Here's a bit more about Bedouin cross stitch patterns.

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Anonymous said...

I just love the camel traded route, Bedouin tent to tent! Just conjures up wonderful eastern dream and the odd bar of Turkish delight too! Cute cushion too.