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Sunday, 11 July 2010


For one weekend a year dear old Twinklebery is transformed. It hosts an important medieval festival.. It is an important date on the calender, something we go to every year. It never fails to amaze us to see people dressed in full medieval costume, living the life. It never fails to amaze us that here you can be kitted out in your complete medieval outfit with armour, weaponry and all manner of household items to match.It never fails to amaze me that you can give the 10year old chance to get his hands on a crossbow/sword etc ( fully supervised!) and cringe as he finds it quite so interesting. Its easy to continue in that way but I will shut up and just show you the pictures!

Come and see it one day, its an amazing sight.


Anonymous said...

it looks like lots of fun, especially in the bight sunshine.

Catherine said...

Ooh that looks brilliant! i LOVE stuff like that. Where is it?

jackie said...

Yes it daunting to keep trying, but worth it at times. I like your spoons. Have you tried 'journalling', I have been picking mine up at odd times, and just using quotes for the lettering. Its sort of mindless fun. Did you see my post and the link to videos?