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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

summer hols

Summer holidays...
so much to say but so little time.... I love it!
As I speak a disco is taking place upstairs while gathering library books and swimming stuff!
The 3 year old is soon to be a 4 year old, school uniform to be bought, holiday scrapbooks to finish, small order for a shop to make, big exhibition to prepare for.... with swimming, library, blackberry picking etc in between.
We are having a fab holiday with me throwing aside everything to be with them as this is the last summer before they ALL start school.
My motto this year is I will do it in September.
Just popped in to say I am helping my friend out at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC on Thursday 19th August. if you are really missing my company and are there on Thursday you could come and say hello.
otherwise I will see you in September. Email me if you need me.


moss stitch said...

Have a lovely end of summer hols - it feels like it is coming to an end suddenly.
I'm going to try and go to the quilt festival on Sunday, I haven't got a ticket though but it says there are lots available on the door... i do hope so!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a great summer hols!

Angie: said...

Glad you are having a great time on your summer hols. Heard you saw J and C at the pool the other day too. I told J not to tell E that her little friend was at the pool and she wasn't! Shhhh! Really hope the NEC goes well tomorrow!!! All the best!!! Sell! Sell! Sell! And DO tell me all about it when we next see each other, coz I am bound to forget to ask!!! Oh and E would love to come to the party too! Thanks for the invite. Have a great rest of the hols. xxx

paola said...

Hi Jo! This year we celebrated Jake's birthday here at home so I could admire the bunting you made for them and the children's, you are very talented!! I hope you don't mind if I write about it in my blog..
Have a great holiday!

red2white said...

Enjoy your hols! The older my children are, the more precious those moments together are... it somehow is more and much easier to throw everything else and be just with them. They are back to school, also all of them this year for the first time - and I haven't even started making. Have a lovely time!

crafts@home said...

Hi there, I can't find your email address :( I have left mine if you want to get in touch, I shall have to come back and read your interesting blogs when I have a bit more time!

karen said...

all your children gone to school, I remember it well, i was really sad!! and thanks so much for the support and encouragement. This has all left a really bad taste in my mouth. I think it was the fact that once I had removed the original images from flickr, she just blatently went back and got more. It seems to be resolved now though thankfully. Karen