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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas plates

 Its OK, don't run away this is not going to be a mammoth post like last years on Christmas books but Gill did ask about the Christmas plate in the last picture was, I though I would show you our Christmas plates. Its a bit of a random collection and looking at the backs they mostly come from House of Fraser or John Lewis. I have different numbers of each. Some bought in charity shops, some bought in January sales and some bought this year by a relative for the kids. We get them out for the 1st December. Like lots of creative people I like to ring the changes with the seasons. The table cloth changes as well for a dark green with holly leaves on it. Hard to tell in this picture but we have not seen the sun for a while so photos are hard. 
However I do have some plates I want to jump up and down and show you! I ordered these a while ago from here.
 I really like Rob Ryans work and here they are on plates.

Give me work to last me all of my life.
Not quite sure what to do with them yet. They seem too nice for eating off plates but I am not big on plates hanging on the wall, saying that I do have a few on the wall so ..........just haven't decided yet!

Other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one.

We had nothing, we had not much, we had enough, we had everything.

Moons circle planets and planets circle stars. Stars and entire galaxies rotate eternally and you and I circle each other. For you are my universe and I will be yours.

Blogger seems to have changed how it puts my pictures in. This could take a while to get used too! Please be patient with me.


gill said...

I'm so glad I asked!!!
The Rob Ryan plates are fantastic!
Thank you
Gill x

Anonymous said...

what fab plates!

Julia said...

Beautiful plates

karen said...

Rob Ryan still my beating heart...

moss stitch said...

ooh I love Rob Ryan too. I have a print by him and swoon over his beautiful cut pieces - one day I will have one!
I always check out his shop whenever we go to Columbia road - the writings are so lovely.
Merry Christmas