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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Elf cakes

Just catching up on Kirsty and Phil do Christmas while chopping veggies for soup. I though you might like to see our little elf cakes. We made them yesterday. I did a quick batch of fairy cakes while they were at school. I made up some frosting with icing sugar and hot water. Spread it around to make the face but I am not too fussy about getting it to the edges. We used a packet of Dr Oetker Regal Ice ready to roll icing.
The 4 year old made little red noses, while the 6 year old made mouths. I rolled out the green and cut triangles to make hats. I flopped the end of the triangle over as it would be off the edge of the cake otherwise. The 4 year old made bobbles for the bottom of the hats and the 6 year old used black for the eyes and before we knew it we had elves!
perfect for December lunch boxes. I love this sort of making. If I tried to make elf cakes then they would look a bit like the kids had made them but when I make them with the kids I am always impressed at what we make.


Anonymous said...

They are brilliant! Cakes that is, although I did rather enjoy the Kirsty and Phil Christmas. I think I prefer it to Kirsty does interior design a la bargin hunt.

crafts@home said...

There gorgeous.....