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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Playing hooky this christmas

 I am still around, haven't quite disappeared under the pile of board games and sweet wrappers! I am slowly putting together squares for a blanket. This is a great project for days like these, easy to pick up, easy to put down. I have been making these squares throughout the year. I never seem to have much time but I do seem to have odd pockets and I have been trying to use them by crocheting a square here and there.
 Long list of places, sports days, ferry terminals, motorway journeys, waiting rooms.
One square at a time.
 Its getting there slowly but whats that you say?
....yes, it is an attractive wooden hook, how kind of you to notice it.
....yes it was a little Christmas gift, so kind of you to ask.
....yes I do know where you could get one as well!
Its made by a company called Brittany Needles based in the US. You can buy them from here in the UK.
It won't make the crochet faster or neater but it is a lovely little object to twirl in your hands.
It could almost pass as a scarf pin.


jill said...

it is a lovely hook

karen said...

gorgeous hook....who cares about the squares when you have a hook to die for!!??

tea and cake said...

and a lovely blanket!
Happy New Year to you x

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the color combinations. I'm not so great with color...that's why I work in black and white!

Very neat tool. It has the look that makes you just want to hold it and use it.

Hannah said...

it's lovely! my aim this christmas was to learn to knit- i can know knit and pearl- so it's going well! this gorgeous, i love the colours.

Happy new year

Hannah xxxxxxxx