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Saturday, 18 December 2010

shhh, secret presents.

 I have been busy making little presents for people, trying to make the most of little opportunities to make things.
Here are the Sally Mavor style figures. Not much light around at the moment but they are now a little pink.

 They also now have some clothes. The 6 year old has turned into his imaginary friend/alter ego Bobo so he is having dungarees and a t shirt. The 4 year olds has turned into a fairy. I haven't done the faces yet, to be honest I am a bit nervous of it. I have got the right size wooden beads but I always find painting a bit scary.
Hence the current headless situation.

 I have started making their little beds with a red and white stripy mattress. I need a pillow and blanket, that's tonight's job after they have gone to bed.
Its been quite easy to keep it a secret as the outside of the box still looks like this. I will decorate it soon. They know not to touch a matchbox, which is a good job as if they opened it they would get the shock of their lives to find 2 decapitated little people.
 The 10 years old gift is place mat. Some of you will know that if a child is still into his Lego at the age of 10, then it is a passion and they will happily have everything with a Lego theme. I dislike the commercialisation of children's things, all the licenced products and I have tiptoed carefully to avoid a lot of them, However we make an exception for Lego. We definitely live in the land of Lego. To be honest there is probably enough Lego here to make a Land of Lego. Don't underestimate how much Lego 3 children can need.
There is never enough.

I have quilted it with brick shapes. I am a bit smug about that idea!
...and finally j's gift. Always a tough one here to make a gift for a man. I have threatened to make a knitted ipod/iphone cover for several years now but I know that would not be his thing. This year I have gone for his own place mat. Hard to choose between his love of computers and his love of food.
This one combines both.
 I have hidden a message in the keys.
 I am a bit smug about that idea too!


karen said...

Do the dolls need faces?? Amish dolls don't have faces, I made a doll for my daughter, without a face. I like it that way...

karen said...

or maybe give crayons as part of the gift, let them draw on their own faces....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant presents, the Lego quilting is inspired!

tea and cake said...

Oh my goodness - these are just lovely, and so clever!
Happy Christmas xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fantastic makes, especially love the lego place mat, really great idea!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh my gosh. I am in love with those little people. What a great gift idea!

red2white said...

Jo, great, great, great presents!!! You can be officially smug :)
PS: now I hope the comment will get through, it often doesn't for some strange reasons