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Friday, 7 January 2011


Enjoying some painting, just wetting the brush and curling it round in the paint.
Filling in shapes, looking at the colours. No real plan or direction. Its quite nice at the moment not to have a direction. I am inspired by Andrea Dorfman and I wont bore you with yet another link to ART as I am sure you have seen it but I will link to this great piece using her illustration and echoing my thoughts on bicycles! Just in case you don't know I am a bit fan of the bicycle and use mine most days.
 Even today as it rains, hauling the kids into school, propelling opurselves along chatting, looking at the winter shapes, going faster to splash through the puddles, waiting for moments when there is no sound from the traffic, racing along to beat cars of friends to the lights, arriving at school with red cheeks from exercise. 
I am not really making anything at the moment, a little taken over by the melancholy of January.
Mostly I hide from January.
I just don't do it, but this year I am embracing it. The kids are all full time in school, I do not have exhibitions to prepare for so I am just enjoying going with what takes me. I do not have very high standards when it comes to housework and my little teaching job does not seem to require too much preparation.
Very indulgent.
I am slowly completing my crochet blanket and thinking about things.
I even picked up a book to read the other day.

 We cycle on a good cycle path, please don't imagine us weaving through traffic. We are very safe. The 6 year old proudly wears his high visibility jacket everywhere!


Gina said...

Thank you for the link to the work of Andrea Dorfman - just lovely. Hope January isn't too melancholic.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

You are so right to slowly ease yourself into January - it can be a difficult month for melencholy! Heres to a slow intro to a fab year! love Annie xx

Anonymous said...

love then idea of racing your bikes and then the safety note! In London bike lanes are in the gutter - so not so much fun, having said that I haven cycled here in years...

Carrie said...

I agree, January is rubbish - horrible weather and short days. It is however a month closer to Spring than December was!

jackie said...

Its quite relaxing just reading this post - I hope you can continue to enjoy the 'break'.

tea and cake said...

I don't mind January, I find it a good chance to wind down after all the frenzy of Christmas preparations. It's February I hate, as I am now ready for Winter to be over and Spring to start. But, it doesn't, ugh.
At least with March, it starts to smell like Spring!
Thanks for a lovely, cosy post. x