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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Quietly stitching

I thought I had better do some embroidery following the lovely write up from Carina.
This is destined to become a purse and when its folded up the words make more sense.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Beautiful! I cannot wait to see the end result!

karen said...

I keep looking at the little purse I bought from you. It is so pretty and delicate. It is kept in my ''special'' cupboard!!

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Hi Joanna, love your blog - so I tagged you! Check out my blog Idle Hands Empty Brain to find out what this means,

Cate said...

Hi Joanna,

Happy New Year!

i've just been catching up with all your posts - so much lovely stuff to see, i love (all) the placemats the redwork christms decorations, the butterfly on the 'more 3d' post - so delicate and beautiful, and i'm so happy that the knitting and stitching show went well for you.

Cate, x

UK lass in US said...

... if you give it to a friend, then your luck will never end...

You do such lovely embroidery