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Monday, 21 February 2011


Thanks for all your great suggestions on what to do with my "gap". I suspect I will have to unpick it as I wont be happy with it otherwise. I think I probably knew that as I typed it. I have very low standards when it comes to things like housework and ironoing but when it comes to embroideriy I can be very picky. Besides given the choice between hosuework and unpicking some work...........
Anyway, onward and upward as my old school motto was....
I love patterns on things, I love finding new patterns and I was reminded of these the other day when I was pottering around the house re arranging a few things having finally got some energy back after the winter grots.
The pictures are of 4 plates  that are covered in the most glorious patterns.
Another of my collections.
I especially love patterns influenced by islamic geometry. When I was youngerI used to love drawing patterns out with compass and set sqaure, following a formula to create a pattern. I also love doodling patterns and colouring them in.
Anyway, not much more to say except enjoy the photos, esp now as they are now a lot cleaner than then when I took them off the wall.
Hark, is that the sound of spring cleaning calling? I am sure I have some embroidery I could be doing.



North African.


Carrie said...

Those plates would look lovely on my wall - especially the one from Pakistan! I've been known to spend hours unpicking many hours of tapestry weaving when I've been unhappy with part of the design, so I know where you're coming from.

Hannah said...

same about having to unpick the gap- never mind, it will soon be sorted!

These patterns are lovely though- happy sewing!

Hannah xx