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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

........and breathe

It been a tough couple of days.
It probably didn't feel like a long radio silence from me. I know the 87 ( wow, 87) of you weren't waiting all weekend for another exciting post from me.
I have had the computer on since friday morning but couldn't type anything.
I wanted to, but had the whole issue of how much of life to share on a blog.

You may or may not remember that last week I wasn't able to post any new photos as my camera was in Japan.
( oh no, you thought not more place name dropping......)

well  J was in Tokyo last week and working when the earthquake occured.
I had only 15 minutes between hearing it on the news and not hearing from him but it sent me into complete blind panic. My phone has dodgy coverage at the best of times but what felt like ages later a text drifted in from somehwere from him saying he was OK.
 I couldnt get through to him but oh so calmly and so wonderfully my 10 year old suggested we turn on the computer and check emails. I was still trying to see clearly when the 10 year old had logged me in and acceseed my account and calling me to say there was a message that he was safe. We switched on the tv and saw what was happening. I switched off very quickly as I didn't want them to think he was by the coast.
My husband is a techie so of course I should of known he would email!
Friday was then a strange day getting over the shock, sorting out flights to re-arrange, asnwering phones etc. Saturday morning it all hit me and I so nearly wanted to post but couldn't untill he was back.
I guess it's back to the whole question of why do I blog.
He arrived home safely on sunday and we spent monday talking it through. He had deliberatly not watched the news so I caught him up on what I had seen.
My experince is nothing compared to his and his is nothing compared to so many.
Sending my thought and wishes out to all
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jamjar said...

So glad that J is safe but what a terrible experience for you all, too close to home. best wishes to you all.

Gina said...

So pleased that J is safe. I know what you've been through. I was 3 hours waiting before I knew my son was okay in the centre of the earthquake in Christchurch and then it was though I was in shock for three days. The relief was overwhelming but tinged with huge sadness for all those who had lost their lives. I can't even begin to imagine the devestation in Japan.

dottycookie said...

Oh my, that is too close for comfort. So glad he's home safely, and our thoughts and prayers are with those still suffering. It is a heartbreaking time.

Chrissie said...

So glad he's safe and sound, but I can imagine the anxiety until he was.

Snippety Gibbet said...

That sounds horribly traumatic. I hate waiting on hearing about something like that. I'm glad to hear that all are well. jan

Dixie said...

A really dignified entry, and it is these wisps of the reality of what happened that help people to connect properly to disasters so I think you were right to blog about it.

Joanna said...

What an emotional rollercoaster you've been on. I'm so glad that your J is ok, but yes, my heart goes out to the poor souls still living in this horror.

Give yourself time to recover from the shock of this situation.


French Knots said...

Oh how stressful for you, too close to home and makes the disaster far too real I'm sure. Watching the news is harrowing enough but to be worrying about loved ones is far worse.

tea and cake said...

omg, poor you, that must have been unbelievably awful. So relieved for you, all.
Life and our loved ones are so precious. x

Taz said...

So glad J was safe and got home to your arms (((hugs)))