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Monday, 30 May 2011


Tutorial for the I Spy blanket here

I love blankets, I really do. 
On this wet bank holiday weekend I have been thinking about blankets.

I realised as I finished this simple one for the 4 year old over the weekend that I have a lot of blankets around the house. This one is a very simple one made from a charm pack from the quilt show. Its  brushed cotton which is lovely and soft. I backed it with an old piece of blanket that picks up the green colour.
She was so excited to have her own blanket. It is spread out in her room while she is setting up a tea party.
 Each child has their own over the end of the bed in case they need it at night.
I live in a modern centrally heated house, its very unlikely they will be cold at night but I am a mum so I need to have a blanket at the end of their bed just in case.
 This one lives on the sofa for telly watching, used earlier to watch Clash of the Titans.
I have an 11 year old boy.  If he finds Clash of the Titans is on, he will be watching it.
It is handwoven and was bought on a holiday to Pembrokeshire about 10 years ago
 You have seen this one, a new quilt for our bed.
This is the one that used to be on our bed, a thick hand woven blanket form a holiday to Portugal. 

 My first attempt at crochet, hangs over the back of a wooden bench to make it a bit more comfortable.
Don't look too closely, I haven't sewn the ends in yet
 The 6, (soon to be 7 year olds) Hungry Caterpillar Quilt with panels drawn by him and embroidered by me.
Yes, all the beds are unmade, they will remain unmade until someone climbs in. 
I did say it was a bank holiday.
Consider it art.

The 11 year olds blanket with flags on from countries he has been to on holiday.
There are others around but these were the most obvious ones as I walked around the house.
I know there is a Peruvian blanket that we use in winter, so so warm.
One that came from my mum that we had when I was little
A handwoven blanket from India that my MIL used at her boarding school.
A white whole cloth quilt I found in a junk shop for £17

I just love blankets, I think I see them as mobile hugs. A way to nurture.
If I cant be there to snuggle and wrap them up in my arms then at least it will be a blanket that I have made or love that will do it. Its important to me and I am proud that I can make them for everyone.
They may not be very sophisticated or made very well but they are made with love.

Its quite a harmless addiction really.
Remember this post when in 50 years time you hear of Social Services helping an old lady who lives in a house entirely made of blankets.


Cate said...

i love blankets too, you're so right, they are just like a mobile hug, my favorites so far are: a cashmere one i inherited from my great uncle, and a oxfam festival one i bought as a student, both memory filled!

Cate, x

gill said...

I read this and smiled, then started to count how many I had!!
A fairly harmless addiction!

Jee said...

We have them everywhere too. Totally not needed as this house is always like a sauna to cater for 92 yr old MIL who is always cold, inisists on wearing short sleeved tops, and won't have a blanket or throw over her. I can count four just in the room where I'm typing!

Hannah said...

I love blankets :) my sisters and I are especially fond of the tartan ones you can get from places like edinburgh woolen mill. we have two that live in the back of our car (one on the back seat and another in the boot). I love the fabric and they look really homely and just want to be smuggled up in!!

Enjoy half term! Hannah

The Pea Pod said...

Hi there, thank you for the comment you left me over at The Pea Pod. It's much appreciated xx

Anonymous said...

A lovely collection! Our house can get very cold in winter, so extra layers are always around. Curling under a blanket to watch a movie is a favourite.

Menopausal musing said...

Blankets/quilts just make a house into a home....