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Friday, 20 May 2011

Malvern Quilt UK show.

 Some eye candy to feed the soul at the Quilts UK show.
 I am sorry but I dont know who made them as I didnt get a catalogue. I just enjoyed wandering and took pictures of the ones that took my breath away.

 This was such a riot of colour and beautifully made.

 This one was made with en ethnic ikat pattern cloth. Such a bold way to use it but with the squares at the centre to let the eye rest, it worked beautifully.
I haven't been up to the Malvern show for a couple of years, which is silly really as it is so close.
I have been to the Festival of quilts with Angie and although I enjoy making quilts, seeing quilts, there are only so many I need to see a year.
The quilts on display are all part of a competition. Like the Festival of quilts it is judged by high quality quilt makes. You know that they will be fine examples of the craft but I find that mostly they are not to my taste. Some of these quilts have taken years to make and every decision has been laboured over. It sort of shows. there is little spontaneity or surprise to them and I think that's one of the things that I like to see. It is not a criticism more a matter of personal taste.
I enjoyed my morning wandering the quilts and of course I bought a book/fabric etc.
Well, it would be rude not to.


gill said...

Hi Joanna
I went to Malvern yesterday too! Shame I didn't see you
I have a catalogue if you'd like it
Gill x

Hannah said...

They are beautiful :) I love the flowery one xxx


Jee said...

Just come back from the quilt show - it's so near to us I can walk (which stops me buying anything much as I have to carry it back uphill! I don't usually find the competition quilts very inspiring either, but today it was so packed one couldn't look at them anyway.

paola said...

They are so beautiful!! I always spend hours watching quilts made by very talented ladyes shown at country fairs..
PS: Can you say hello for me to Tim and Jo?? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wonderful quilts, Malvern is a lovely place too.

jackie said...

I know what you mean. I admire the intricate work which is often involved, but am rarely moved by them. I do enjoy the Festival of Quilts though, especially the surface design studio in action.
I am excited about the book, but its a long time to sustain that feeling!

Monica said...

I kind of feel the same. Malvern is full of skillfully made quilts, but they rarely stop me in my track!

Still though, I enjoy it and always come back inspired.