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Monday, 11 July 2011

Postmans knock

My latest postcard in the swap. The postcard I received from the talented Lesley 
So its not quite a postcard as you can see but it is the regulation 6 x 4 inches. It started off life once as a book called A Needle and thread"

 Lesly has turned it into a box, with great illustations inside based on sewing bits and bobs

The base has 4 dinky little cotton reels glued in.
and then just to be the cherry on the cake, there is a red needle case with a collection of needles and needle papers in.
 It arrived and completely took my breath away. From the size and the feel of the book, to the illustrations, to the needle case I feel its a wonderful piece of work. Thanks you Lesley
Postman's Knock has been an amazing swap to be involved with. Each card i receive has so much talent and inspiration in it. I feel utterly out of my depth with this group but not in  a bad way. Each time I send a card I panic that the quality is not good enough. Of course when it arrives it is well received. Creative women are good at looking and seeing more in art and objects, and besides, its a gift or a swap, we are all to polite to say otherwise! Each time I receive a card I am in awe of what has arrived and the thought and detail that goes into it. It sounds awful to panic each time I send a card but it does me good. I need to feel out of my depth, it is what pushes me on to do more. I have a tenacious ( some may say stubborn) character and when faced with my own doubts about my abilities I find that others work inspires me to keep trying to improve.
Each time it makes me want to make more, do more, create more. I may have whinge about being no good but usually I find that I dislike the feel of the negative energy and I try to turn it into a positive energy to do more.
Which explains why I have been copying Lesleys box and trying to make my own!


Katie said...

What a wonderful gift this swap turned out to be. i would have been amazed too! It is so great and creative!

gill said...

Hi Joanna
I too loved Lesley's box when I saw it on Postman's Knock!
I look forward to seeing your version!

Jee said...

I think we all have those feelings of doubt, Jo. I certainly do! Several of the cards I've sent have been my second or third attempt at the theme - the time between postings seems to gallop by too. I find as we've gone along that the standard keeps rising and for certain themes my original ideas have been taken up by a previous maker, but it's certainly sharpened my brain!

Angie: said...

ooh what a good idea!!! Listen to the cogs whirring!!!!! x