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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sue Spargo and Madeline Millington inspired quilt.

Some images from the first panels of the new quilt.
It is my own design inspired by Sue Spargo designs and Madeline Millingtons fabrics.
This first one seems to be made by scattering lots of tiny bits of felt over the floor thus meaning you have to vacuum every day. You are not meant to do that but it is what happens when cutting out lots of tiny leaves.
This panel is of our house. 
No, it isn't finished.
Yes, it does need ironing
No, we don't actaully live in a sideways cool would that be? 
I just can't seem to turn the picture.


crafts@home said...

blogger up to its old tricks again.... I can see its going to be another super piece of work though :)

Anonymous said...

brilliant, look forward to seeing more!