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Monday, 29 August 2011

Beryl Dean...... some real embroidery and some chocolate spread.

 Stumbled across some embroidery by Beryl Dean today as we were out on a walk with the kids. It is at Allsaints Church in  the Forest of Dean. It has been photographed through a glass cabinet but still looks glorious. It was great to get really up close to it as one peiec is in use as the pulpit cloth.

 Beryl Dean was an important ecclesiastical embroider and author and finding it today was a bit like stumbling across a Picasso at a little provincial museum!
 The glass and the camera distorted the colours so I have included all the photos here so take an average of the colour to work it out.
 We had just finished a walk and wandered into the church as we often do. I did a whole chunk of A level history on the Reformation and studied quite a bit about church architecture. The 5 year old is also fascinated by stained glass.

 It was just so amazing to see.

........and finally I was dragged away from all this wonderfulness because the 7 year old picked up some cob nuts on the walk. I suggested if he gathered enough he could make some Nutella. 
He is already obsessed by the stuff and so we had to dash off to Morrison's to buy hazelnuts so he could make some.
I was quite impressed with the finished product which has more texture than the shop bought stuff and a slightly smokier depth of flavour from the roasting of the hazelnuts.
Guess what everyone will get fro Christmas form the 7 year old?!.....


Gina said...

How lucky to stumble across that beautiful embroidery.

Anonymous said...

beautiful embroidery and home made nutella, a great day! Was it easy to make the chocolate spread?

Angie: said...

Wow on both accounts! The embroidery looks amazing even through the glass cabinet! And I never imagined one could make home made chocolate spread!!! Wow! Looks rather yum! Hope the kids enjoyed it and you have some left!

red2white said...

Incredible what a human hand can make!both in terms of embroidery and a chocolate spread :) We make our "nutella" by mixing honey, peanut butter and a cocoa powder.

Chrissie said...

so beautiful, thank you for the close-ups. And Nutella for Christmas - yum!