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Friday, 4 November 2011

Community quilt making

I am sitting in the sun sewing squares together from the local theatre open day. I was employed to lead make a quilt that was the creative making table at the open day. I took lots of different fabrics, paints, wool, sequins, glitter, bead etc and asked people to decorate a square with a petal to be sewn into a quilt.
It was a fantastic day with lots of people participating . Its rather lovely to sit here in the sun, sewing it together remembering the fun people had making their square.
....and when I mean fun , I mean they embraced the glitter glue as though it was the answer to their dreams. I have never seen so much glitter glue used buy so many adults. 
Some of it took days to dry.
I keep meaning to say thanks for all the comments on our new tv. I keep subltly angling it so that it does not quite look so big from where I sit. J hasn't noticed yet!
One comment was left by Dixie Nichols who writes a blog about the amazing buttons her father made. I heard about these ages ago on Woman's Hour.
 I suspect I may not be the only person around here who would love to look at buttons. Go on you know you want too!

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