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Monday, 14 May 2012

Images of Venice.

 It was a great trip
 Lots of things to see
 I agree, everybody should visit Venice.
However if I continue writing I will just end up sounding like Professor Brain Cox showing you pictures and saying look, isn't amazing, as I do have a little of a northern twang to my accent
I will leave you in peace to look at the pictures.
Don't miss the lace makers.


Jee said...

Great photos. Glad you enjoyed it, feel quite envious.

Jane Housham said...

Lovely photos. I really want to take my kids to Venice.

Anonymous said...

it looks absolutely beautiful, must have been bliss to escape the rain for a little Italian glamor!

Angie: said...

Lovely photos! Love the lace especially! xx

Joanna said...

Venice looks so beautiful and I so want to go! Lovely photos.

jackie said...

I went to Venice by myself years ago and stayed in a youth hostel. An amazing place. Pleased you agree about supporting artists/makers.

French Knots said...

Venice is my favourite place that we have visited, a visual feast and full of delightful surprises.