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Monday, 30 July 2012

Painting t shirts

The patriotic puddings are closely followed by painting patriotic t shirts for our Olympic visit

Smiling at the synchronicity of life having read the fascinating chapter on how fashion has been affected by a need for patriotism in difficult times.

We are all off to watch the rowing tomorrow.

3 kids all in the same t shirts.

Wave if you see us

3 kids in identical t shirts

you might want to avoid us if you see us.

I am sure I swore never to dress them all in the same t shirt

No, funnily enough I haven't made one for myself......

Hmmm but maybe j does!



Gill said...

How did you manage to get tickets for the rowing??? Lucky you!
We'll watch out for you!

Anonymous said...

Your so lucky to be able to see the rowing, will look out for you all on the TV!

Joanna said...

Hope you enjoyed it. Great t-shirts, you'll be noticed!