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Friday, 17 August 2012

Love it.. The work of Kim Bicknell

Well, it's raining again.

When put on my coat I will be cheered by a new brooch by the glass work of Kim Bicknell who runs a business called Fire & Passion.

I saw her work at a craft market here in dear old Twinkleberry and I couldn't resist it.

Now come on, no raised eyebrows, its while since I said that I have been good recently.

The brooch , as you can see, is a little pot of flowers but clever old Kim has put beautiful beads on wires so that it can change. Sometimes I put my coat on and the flowers are all bright and perky and I reind by lifting my head up in response to their perkiness.

Sometimes they have bent down and I pick them up telling them onward and upward

Old school motto

Sometime I agree with their wilting

Talking to a brooch,

Come on, we all do it?


Just me then.



Gill said...

Beautiful brooch!!
Does she have a website/blog???

angharad handmade said...

Very pretty posy! And of course everyone talks to their jewellery, don't they?