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Friday, 22 March 2013

Catching you up on the news

Did I mention we had the kitchen re fitted?

Hmmm, not sure i have the colour right.

Did I mentions that in refitting the kitchen I had an extra wide bench fitted? This is now my crafting area.

When it's clear of fruit, school letters to be dealt with , washing up.........etc

Did I mention that I now need glasses to close work?

Did I mention I still haven't finished the 6years olds story quilt that was meant to be a Christmas present?

Any suggestions on how to quilt it?i would quite like to hand quilt it but not sure what pattern to do.




Angie: said...

oooh! Must come over for a quick squizzat your new crafting bench~no, you didn't mention it!!! ;o) xxx

moss stitch said...

Oh I love the colour! We are in the midst of repainting our kitchen and having the floor resanded as its so full of scratches. It's bedlam!
Beautiful quilt too. You could quilt it by doing random birds or floating leaves, something like that? I did that on Franks quilt although it had 4 panels, each one a little different - leaves, circles etc. it does take a bit longer but I did run the thread under a layer to the next quilting part so I didn't have to keep breaking off!