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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Making clay pendants

One of the reasons I don't blog at the moment is the great fact that I have lots of work. I am working for 3 different education providers teaching a wide variety of groups ranging from adult with disabilities through women who have been victims of domestic violence to people gaining a qualification in leading artistic activities.

That and finishing working with a friend to help her write a book due to be published in autumn........getting the kitchen refitted.......painted.......(mock) OFSTED.......3 kids..........

Oh you know the stuff.

It struck me the other day that maybe I should blog a bit about the things I make at work.

Today I am sanding small clay necklace pendants to be painted tomorrow with a group of adults with disabilities ready for a jewellery sale they are having.

.....and the gluing the ones that break back together.

Tomorrow we paint!



Gill said...

Long time no see! or hear!
Are you going to the NEC this week??

Angie: said...

LOVE those pendants!!! And can't wait to see THE book!!! go girl!!! xxx