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Friday, 29 March 2013

Phew... Finished.

It's not pretty but it all fits in!

It's not going to appear in Where women create in the near future but it is sorted and back into the cupboard. It may even look to you like it needs a good sort out. It all makes sense to me.

Radio 4 iplayer got me through it.

I pine for few things in my life but a room of my own is one of them.

But if that is all I pine for, life is good.

I did not clear out too much but I did find I had 5 bottles of PVA.

I do love the stuff and use it for all sorts of things but even I will take a while to get through 5 bottles.

Nor do I need this rabbit jelly mould.

Don't ask why it was in my cupboard .

Or this embroidery kit.

Free to a good home? Anyone interested?



Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I have been going through my kitchen and my bunny mold has also been placed in the things to go pile. So sad, nothing more nostalgic than a bunny jelly wobbling on a plate.

red2white said...

Your posts are very entertaining :). Wishing you a good weekend from the sunny Scotland.

Tilly Rose said...

I'd love to give the two bits a new home..... If you still have them ???