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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't often show what we are having for tea.

There is a reason for that.

It's a small thing but I always enjoy chopping leeks.

I love the gradation of colour that appears as you chop.

I wish I could mix colour like that.

It's one of the small things in life, but it always makes me smile.

Shepherds pie, in case you were wondering.



Angie: said...

Can I say that I LOVE the house shape chopping board???
Fancy not commenting on that in the post!!(but I do agree~leeks do come in such great colours!!!) ;o) xxx

janicebotterill said...

Hi - thought I'd visit you as you visited me! I've just been chopping leeks for supper coincidentally. May also recommend chopping red cabbage for a truly colourful and engaging veg chopping experience?! Keep your makes.

Sandra Hadley said...

Hi Jo,

I love the your textile art - you are inspirational!! Thank You!

Sandra x

martine said...

i love the texture of leeks when you chop them, they have a particular quality to the crunch as you go through the layers. I'm not weird:-)