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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Making birthday cards


Another couple made.

I always make my own birthday cards. Men, women, boys, girls.....they all get a handmade card from me.

Whether they like it or not.

One of the reasons being that I am a perpetually disorganised person. I would forget to get a card until it was too late, then have to buy one at the local shop, be annoyed at paying for such a naff card and the feel bad that I only had time to send a naff card.

I would feel like the card would have a hidden message.... I thought about you enough to send a card but not actually enough to get organised.

The second reason is a bit more high brow. I once heard about a musician, maybe in REM, that wrote a haiku each day. Not to be a poet but as an intellectual challenge.

I told you it was bit high brow.

I find that having to regularly make and think up new cards is a challenge that I have come to enjoy. I can then make it quickly and easily, there is usually a couple of designs and everyone gets a copy. That way I only have to think of a new ones each year. This years default card is washi tape bunting, an origami dress for those that would like it and a felt false moustache for those that wouldn't! I think I showed that one to you last year. Children usually get a felt birthday badge with their age on it.

In one of the groups I work with is a women who has very poor short term memory and each week she asks me where I get the ideas for the things that we make. I have got used to explains to her but it has made me try to follow the trail of ideas. The origami dress is not an original one but this is how mine happened. A post by scrapiania about a shop window she decorates, followed by a birthday trip to Bath, where I saw the window, spotted some origami dresses in the window for Bath Fashion week led to a google search and wander through Pinterest which led me to discover that everyone else has been using it as card for years!

A friend of mine has a family tradition where they vote for the best card. I have the honour being the only person who has won 2 years in a row.

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