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Monday, 26 January 2015

A sampler for 2015

A new year and chance to finish of all of last years projects!
One of the one I wanted to do was a sampler.
In France last year I saw the lovely subtle colours that they use and I bought some ribbons and braids to make my own version.
It's not that I don't make things it's just that it's takes a long time to get it started. I have ideas pouring through my head everyday.
Once i start I soon work through it.
It's a bit of a metaphor for this blog really.
When I first started writing in this space I needed to define myself as a creative person. I was home with children, with friends who didn't quite understand how important creativity was to me.
Partly because I didn't show it, I didn't share it.
Writing a blog was just taking it one day at a time. Allowing myself to grow into my role that I wanted. One where I was known for my creativity, where I believe in my own creativity.
It gave me courage when people responded with comments and emails. It gave me courage to try out new things. It gave me opportunities and reasons to try new things.
I had chance to try writing about craft but I am not really a writer.
I had chance to exhibit my work at a national exhibition and I found myself expliaining how to make similar work
I had chance to write patterns but missed the contact with other creative people.
I wrote a book with a friend and enjoyed the process of creating instructions
I made and sold items but found myself wondering why people would buy for me and not just make something themselves.
I realised that it was all trying to tell me something.
Now I teach a wide variety of people all sorts of arts and crafts and I love it.
I meet so many people and enjoy the inspiration I get from them, the ideas and the friendship.
It gives me time to make my own things without the pressure of declines and origianl ideas.
.....and oh boy, my creativity is greater than ever!
It all started with this blog, a toe in the water but now I swim in it daily I don't need this space, this training ground.
That's not to say I won't be posting here but it's just to say thanks, for reading, for responding for holding my hand through the last few years.

The finished picture.

P.S just to say this isn't a good aye to this space but it's just exhaling to the last few people why it's a lot quiet around these parts.

I am still just as creative, I just don't need to say it in the same way.

P.P.S I don't do the Facebook thing but I often snap away for Instagram as Thingshandmade

Come and say hello and see what I am up to!


Gina said...

Love the sampler... So pretty!

French Knots said...

It is such a joy to show other people how to do something that you love and to watch them grow in confidence. Aren't we lucky! :)

Angie: said...

Just lovely! So happy that you are happy how things are developing right now! You are a dear inspiration! xxx

Cate said...

Well, i just love the flow of this post the story building as the sampler does. I like the muted colour pallet and the finished piece is beautiful.

I did wonder where you had gone, but i often go away with out explanation, so...

I've followed you on instagram so that I can keep up with you. x

angharad handmade said...

I've loved watching the sampler take shape on Instagram - the colour palette is perfect, it has such an heirloom feel. I hope you won't say goodbye to this blog as I do enjoy seeing your creative projects!